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Exclusive: A$AP Rocky Unfiltered at UCLA

A$AP Rocky at UCLA March 9, 2017/ Photo by Anant Pandadiya.

No topics were off limits recently when rapper/actor/fashion icon A$AP Rocky participated in an in-depth conversation with about 500 UCLA students as part of the Herb Alpert School of Music’s Music Industry Committee’s Office Hours Q&A series, which connects artists of today with UCLA students for open discussions about the music business.

Dressed in a Himumimdead denim jacket and Rick Owens high-top sneakers, A$AP Rocky answered questions on a variety of topics, including his rise to success in the music business, his interest in fashion, and his overall legacy. His interaction with students was unfiltered, fast-moving and full of humor, as there was no shortage of subjects the students wanted to ask A$AP Rocky about.

It was busy week for A$AP Rocky, who was also celebrating his latest collaboration with Guess with the launch of the GUESS Clubhouse in Los Angeles.

The hour-long Q&A was moderated by music journalist Steve Baltin. Throughout the session, A$AP Rocky was energetic and answered as many questions as he could. He even gave hugs to some of his lucky female fans.

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The following are several of A$AP Rocky’s most memorable answers from his UCLA Q&A Session:

On when he developed his confidence

Rocky: “When I was four. I don’t think confidence is something you can buy, it’s something that is embedded in you…something you gain with success, that’s just icing on the cake.”

On if he ever thought he would have an impact on fashion

“I hoped I would. I always looked at things like it can be changed. I’ve always felt certain things can be changed. Lead by example and that’s it. All I have to do is give you what we want. And that’s the truth. I’m just the person in that position to say something. If you was in that position you would do the same. “

On being a more outgoing leader in the wake of A$AP Yams’ death

“I had to be very political, shaking hands, kissing babies. They (rappers) showed me love, so it wasn’t too bad. Now that I’m more social, I’m enjoying life more.”

On his legacy as A$AP Rocky versus his legacy as Rakim (birthname) – are the legacies the same or different?

“It gives me the capabilities to do different things in different fields. For instance, like Andre 3000, the rapper, fashion icon, the visionary Then you got Andre Benjamin, the actor, the father. It’s playing different suits. That’s all it really is. “

On his music bring together people of different backgrounds

“I like the fact that I have people who are ignorant to certain situations and certain cultures. It’s all about bringing everybody together and shit. A lot of people who didn’t listen to rap necessarily, they listen to my music for the simple fact of the subject matter and/or that it sounds different. It brings different crowds together once you go to different venues.”

Exclusive Human Nature photos/video from the event are below.

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