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Milk+Honey Web Series Relaunches, and Fans Rejoice

Asha Kamali Blankinship and Lance Gross in a scene from "Milk+Honey"

Fans of the popular web series Milk+Honey are rejoicing at the relaunch of the comedic show after more than five-year hiatus.

Created by Chicago natives, Asha Kamali Blankinship, Dana Gills and Jeanette McDuffie, the series follows the spiritual, professional and romantic journeys of young and ambitious Nia James (played by Kamali-Blankinship), an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, struggling to find balance between a hectic work week, her boyfriend Will (played by Lance Gross), demanding acting classes, and her group of friends.

The original episodes of the series was produced by actor Idris Elba. This time around, Issa Rae of HBO’s Insecure is behind the project, releasing the first episode of Milk+Honey on her YouTube channel.

Kamali-Blankinship, a Howard University alum, tapped into fellow alumnus Debbie Allen for her support with the relaunch of series. Allen plays a charismatic acting coach, who offers Nia some advice on the series.  Actors Lance Gross, also a Howard alumnus, and Boris Kodjoe appear in the series.

Watch the two episodes of the new season of Milk+Honey below.