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Jaden Smith Drops Highly Anticipated Debut Album

Thanks to a series of photos and videos released via Instagram, Jaden Smith has created enough buzz to make his debut album “SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion,” which was released Nov. 17, one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year.

On the album, which leverages Jaden’s middle name (Jaden Christopher Syre Smith), he shows he’s a chip off the old block with the fluid rhymes and harmonic tones he’s able to provide. “SYRE” is also featured high quality production featuring drums, guitar and other live instruments.

Smith teased the album throughout the year, releasing such singles as “Diamonds V1,” “Watch Me” and “Batman,” on social media, in addition to a trailer for SYRE.

This week, Smith released the song “Falcon,” which features Atlanta rapper/singer Raury and covers a range of topics, including flirting at a bodega to roaming the universe. He also appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” where he performed “Watch Me” and sat down for an interview. This was in addition to his performance at the 2017 ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA.

Smith’s album, “SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion” can be streamed below.

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