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Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard on Whether He Would Beat Floyd Mayweather: “Absolutely” (VIDEO INTERVIEW)

Sugar Ray Leonard at the 2017 Ebony Power 100 Gala

Boxing legends Floyd Mayweather and Sugar Ray Leonard are the latest current and past athletes to have a beef carried out on social media.

Mayweather, 40, and Leonard, 61, have been bantering on Instagram over what Floyd says are Leonard’s snide comments over his big money fight with Conor McGregor, which occurred last August.

The beef got further inflamed with an Instagram post by Leonard that featured a photo of him and legendary boxer Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns. Mayweather commented on the post that both the boxers would be “easy work” for him.

We’re not sure how this beef will end, (charity boxing match perhaps?) but Human Nature recently caught up with Sugar Ray Leonard at the 2017 Ebony Power 100 Gala in LA.

In the interview, Leonard tells us whether or not he would beat Mayweather if they were both in their prime, in addition to discussing today’s boxers. He also tells us how he feels about R&B singer/actor Usher playing him in the Jonathan Jakubowicz movie “Hands of Stone.”

Check out the interview below: